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Debra Feldman of Chambersburg PA- 60 Views
March 27, 2014 - Debra Feldman or Debby Feldman for the past 7 years has stalked a family. She continues to get satisfaction by sanctioning untuthful information, when in fact she receives 1600.00 monthly until she is 65, because she has no skills to get a job like ... More

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Dallas Texas Divorces- 47 Views
March 25, 2014 - I am looking for Dallas people that have had there lives turned upside down by the system. 9 years of post divorce litigation. Ruined my kids in a way that can never be replaced. My lawyers who I paid millions screwed me as well. I am not a cry baby... More

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She will never leave me alone - 85 Views
March 25, 2014 - As I have posted before my ex wife is insane. Literally. She is a sociopath. She starts smear campaigns to try to ruin my reputation. She calls my work and reschedules important client meetings. We have not seen my children in almost 2 months. Becaus... More

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How did a overachiever like myself end up being controlled by a narcissistic histrionic.- 105 Views
March 17, 2014 - I don't know where to start. Ill start out by saying finally after 9 yrs I a am no longer in court. Post divorce. I have custody of my four children. But Im broke mentally and financially. SOmehow my ex convince her married boss to pay for one of the... More

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Unfortunate but apparently common divorce strategy used by psycho women- 669 Views
November 7, 2013 - My lovely ex-wife decided the most efficient way to rid herself of me and our marriage was to tell our pediatrician that I was molesting our daughter (age 7). Of course she knew this accusation would immediately trigger a call to local law enforceme... More

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Integrity...- 395 Views
October 18, 2013 - Beware of the woman who posts on her Facebook page that she never lies and has integrity. If you have to post those things, chances are you have no integrity, nor do you tell the truth. Get a life, Bimbo!!!... More

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Good to be here- 335 Views
October 17, 2013 - Hey everyone, have plenty of stories to post from my psycho ex, will do so in time, but for now it's good to be here.... More

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She's diagnosed Paranoid but IM THE ONE with a bench warrant!!!- 461 Views
September 25, 2013 - We divorced in 2006 after she decided the grass was greener. I made the mistake of giving HER my pay, we have two kids, instead of paying the bills myself. She may have kicked me out, but while we were separated, I wanted to take care of the kids. ... More

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Ex-wife threatening my current wife- 544 Views
September 12, 2013 - Ok, So I'm not sure what to do. My daughters counselor and my attorney have not returned my, or my wife's calls. Here is what my ex-wife is doing. We have an 8 year old daughter, she sees a psychologist for "ADHD" she is on medication, and my current... More

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I have kept quiet long enough - 728 Views
August 30, 2013 - I have been divorced for a while now. I have 2 kids with my ex wife. I am also remarried to an amazing woman. I am thankful she is still with me. Since the day my ex found out I was dating her, she has made life for my wife unbearable. She has tried ... More

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